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Vitamin E

Ingredient Name: Vitamin E (Alpha-Tocopherol Acetate)

What is it? Vitamin E is fat-soluble vitamin and a powerful antioxidant. Food sources include green leafy vegetables (like broccoli and spinach), oils, sunflower seeds, nuts, grains, and fruits (like kiwi and mangos). We use the acetate form of vitamin E, the most stable form of vitamin E, in our products. Over the decades, vitamin E has been shown to decrease inflammation, protect against sun damage, improve the appearance of wrinkles, and support skin hydration. Studies have shown vitamin E to be an effective remedy for common aliments including atopic dermatitis, acne, and psoriasis. 

Nourishing properties:

  • Potent antioxidant
  • Hydrates skin

Why do we use it? We use in on the Mother of All Creams for its ability to gently soothe and hydrate irritated skin. We use it in the Wonder Balm for its impressive ability to moisturize and repair skin while synergistically preserving other essential oils through its powerful antioxidant actions.



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