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<li>Antifungal</li> <li>Sensitive Skin</li> <li>Scalp &amp; Hair</li> Visit Shop


<li>Antifungal</li> <li>Sensitive Skin</li> <li>Scalp &amp; Hair</li> Visit Shop


Feel the Yahhhhh!*

Of Pure Ingredients on Your Skin

Plant-powered skin remedies that will make your skin say Yahhhhh! We’ve got you covered (inside and out) from your head to your tippy toes!

Say goodbye to uncomfortable itchy-scratchies and reclaim the freedom of healthy skin! Enjoy soothing relief without the side effects of pharmaceuticals.

*Yahhhhh! [ exclamation ]

Def: The soothing feeling of Puriya on itchy, scratchy, dry skin.

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Antifungal System

Eliminate fungal infections like Athlete’s Foot, Jock Itch, and Ringworm with a soothing balm that also calms itchy skin and provides intense hydration. Support overall skin health with our body wash and skin supplement.

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Sensitive Skin


Keep itchy, dry, sensitive skin hydrated all day. Experience the plant-powered magic of powerful essential oils combined with deeply nourishing botanicals.

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Scalp & Hair

Keep itchy, dry, sensitive skin hydrated all day. Experience the plant-power of essential oils combined with deeply nourishing botanicals.

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What People Are Saying

About Puriya

When Ancient Wisdom Meets Modern Science...

Meet Our Science Board: We have gathered up a brilliant team of women physicians with impressive backgrounds, extensive clinical k nowledge, and world-class education to share their insights and expertise with us. Their specialties include integrative dermatology, sports medicine, clinical nutrition, medical herbalism, naturopathic medicine, and Ayurveda.

We grew up in Taiwan, raised on our mother’s and grandmother’s botanical formulas to ensure we were enjoying optimal health and wellness. However, after moving to America, we couldn’t find safe and natural solutions that worked well and met our expectations.

We wanted to develop effective, botanical, science-backed solutions for ourselves, our family and our friends. This is why we began a long journey to formulate effective, plant-based products that are gentle enough for long-term use.

From topical formulas to supplements, Puriya has helped over 1 million families since 2015 and we look forward to helping more.

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Yi-Jen and Jill

Sisters and Co-founders of Puriya

Trusted By Over



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10 Reasons You’ll Think

We’re The Balm

Made With Clean Natural Ingredients

Ancient Wisdom + Modern Science

Fast Acting & Long Lasting


Trusted By Over 1M Families

Plant-based & Physician Formulated

We Approach Health From The Inside Out

Physician-led Health Education

Scientifically Proven Ingredients

All Formulations Made In The USA

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