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The Puriya Difference


Our Approach

Here at Puriya, our approach is quite simple: we believe you deserve the best that nature has to offer. Every single ingredient in our products has been chosen for specific purposes and designed to give you the results you deserve. We have combined the ancient wisdom of our elders with modern science and our love of nature to offer you highly effective products. We want to become part of your daily ritual and create a time in your day for indulgence and to celebrate yourself.  Read about The Puriya Story



Our Holistic Philosophy

We holistically focus on all elements of health: mind, body, spirit, and nature. Our focus at Puriya is to give you the foundation to thrive by offering the highest-quality, effective plant-based products, and mind-body approaches to improve your well-being both inside and out.


Our Ingredients 

We have carefully crafted each product to give you the best of Mother Nature's offerings while delivering the best results. We have put together a world-class team, including a naturopathic doctor and a chemist, to provide plant-based products backed by science and made with love.



We believe that you deserve the best and use high-quality natural ingredients you can trust.

We source the highest-grade botanicals from the most sustainable sources around the World.  Whether it’s a leaf, flower, fruit, seed, wood, bark, root, or rhizome, we extract each constituent with the best method that's focused on the best results.

The essential oils we use are 100% pure-no fillers, no fluff. 
Every single ingredient we use comes from a natural origin.  We run from harsh chemicals like parabens, phthalates, and harmful additives. 



We believe in clean, plant-based ingredients and refuse to sacrifice our values on questionable ingredients.  You will never find harmful ingredients in Puriya's products. Our products are always Free from:

Harsh preservatives like Parabens & 1,2 hexanediol


 Nano Particles

Sodium Laurel Sulfate

Synthetic Fragrances

Artificial Coloring

  Formaldehyde Carriers

 Harmful Additives like MEA, DEA or TEA

Mineral Oil






Mercury Skin Lighteners


Our Advanced Formulations 

We focus on plant-based products that give real results. Every botanical, nutrient, oil, and vitamin has been specifically chosen for its unique properties. Each plant-rich blend has been extensively researched and scientifically formulated to relieve common discomforts with natural, restorative ingredients.  We believe in clean formulations and will never use parabens or chemicals that could damage your skin. And, we don't stop there. The sources of our ingredients are just as important as their uniques properties. We have carefully chosen the best sources for all our ingredients, making sure they are pure and sustainable.

Our Quality Assurance 

Ensuring that you are happy and satisfied with Puriya products is our foremost goal. We want everyone fall in love with our skin care range and enjoy everything they have to offer. If our products don’t meet or exceed your expectations, don’t hesitate to contact us. We will take care of you with personalized, attentive service. Your purchases are always backed by a 100% 180-day money back guarantee. If for any reason you are not completely satisfied, just contact us for a full refund. No questions asked.


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