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How to Earn Points

  • Follow Us 500 Points Each

  • Sign Up for the
    Loyalty Program 500 Points

  • $1 Spent = 10 Points

  • Enter Your Birthday 1000 Points

  • Join Our Newsletter 500 Points

  • Successfully
    Refer a Friend 2000 Points

How to Redeem Points

Big rewards await you in the Inner Circle when you redeem points!

  • 500 Points *Min. $30 order

  • 1000 Points *Min. $35 order

  • 1500 Points *Min. $40 order

  • 2000 Points *Min. $45 order

  • 3500 Points *Min. $60 order

  • 5000 Points *Min. $75 order


If you have any questions about our loyalty program, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us at We’re here to help!
8:00 AM to 5:00 PM PST

What is the Puriya Inner Circle?
The Puriya Inner Circle is Puriya’s loyalty program where you can earn and use points to redeem discounts.
How do I join the program?
Click here to join and follow the steps.
Is there a fee to join the program?
There is no fee to join or to stay in the Puriya Inner Circle.
Is the program available internationally?
Yes, it is.
How do I earn points in the program?
You can earn points in these ways:
  • a. 500 points for signing up and creating an account on
  • b. 10 points for every dollar you spend
  • c. 500 points each for following us on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.
  • d. 500 points for joining our newsletter
  • e. 1000 points for celebrating your birthday
  • f. 2000 points for successfully referring a friend
How do I check my point balance?
Log into your rewards account, your points balance will be displayed on the widget.
How do I redeem my rewards?
Log into your rewards account, then click on the widget to open the rewards panel. Next, click on “Get rewards”. Select the reward you wish to redeem given that you have enough points.
Do points ever expire?
No, they do not.
When I redeem a reward, can I save it for use later on?
Once you have redeemed a reward, it will remain available in your rewards account until you use it.
Can I use my reward discounts at any time?
Rewards cannot be used in combination with other promotional codes.
What happens to my points if I get a refund?
The points earned from the refunded purchase will automatically be removed.
What happens if I forget to log in to my account when checking out?
You must be logged into your account to earn points.
Can I earn points on past purchases?
No, points can only be earned on purchases made after joining the program.
How much discount can you redeem per order?
You can redeem up to a $50 discount per order (5000 points).
What is the minimum spend per order to redeem points?
  • The minimum spend per order depends on the discount you want to redeem.
  • Get $5 discount when you redeem 500 points with a min order of $30.
  • Get $10 discount when you redeem 1000 points with a min order of $35.
  • Get $15 discount when you redeem 1500 points with a min order of $40.
  • Get $20 discount when you redeem 2000 points with a min order of $45.
  • Get $35 discount when you redeem 3500 points with a min order of $60.
  • Get $50 discount when you redeem 5000 points with a min order of $75.

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