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Dr Michele Burklund

Chief Science Officer

Dr. Michele Burklund

Dr. Burklund believes in a holistic approach to wellness that fuses cutting-edge science with natural health. She earned her medical degree from the prestigious Bastyr University and obtained her bachelor's degree from Seattle University. As a naturopathic doctor, she believes in science-based medicine that addresses the root cause of illnesses through an integrative approach. Dr. Burklund has sought additional academic and clinical training in nutritional biochemistry, medical detoxification, immunology, botanical pharmacognosy, endocrinology, and neurology.

She views the practice of medicine as both an art and science and has also traveled the globe to acquire more knowledge from many different healers, including Mayan shamans, doctors in China, herbalists in Europe, "bush" doctors in Belize, and highly acclaimed physicians in the States.

Dr. Burklund has given speeches at prominent universities, written for many national magazines, and is regularly featured as a leading authority in integrative medicine on TV and radio.

Dr. Burklund's role at Puriya is focused on medical research, product development, and formulation as well as education and writing.

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