March 12, 2017

Moisturize Me – An Examination of Eczema Cream

Have you been recently diagnosed with eczema and are uncertain about the treatment options available to you? Are you looking to better understand the benefits eczema cream offers? Maybe you’ve only seen failure with the over the counter eczema cream you’ve been purchasing and you’re looking to make a change? Whether you’re new to the fight against eczema or not, it’s important to have an understanding not only of what options are available to you, but also what those various options offer. Let’s take a look at eczema cream.

What is eczema cream?

Eczema cream is one of the most powerful tools at our disposal to combat the dry and inflamed skin eczema sufferers experience. Its purpose is to make up for the body’s inability to keep the skin hydrated. Healthy skin is composed of plump cells, filled to the brim with fats, oils, and water. When cells aren’t plump, the skin is vulnerable to bacterial infiltration. Eczema cream targets these failures of the body, restoring the healthy fats and oils to your skin, and locking in hydration. Because your skin cells are the first layer of defense against harmful bacteria, it’s important they are kept fat and happy!

What kind of cream do you put on eczema?

You want to use eczema creams that hydrate your skin, douse inflammation, and drown out your itchiness with wave after wave of relief. In short, you want your skin to feel renewed and refreshed. Over the counter eczema creams accomplish this through the usage of hydrocortisone steroids. Puriya’s eczema cream recipe accomplishes it with a rich blend of all natural ingredients. This is what makes it the best eczema cream on the market.

Using Amaranth Oil to combat inflammation; aloe vera, honey, and jojoba oil to hydrate your skin; shea butter and MSM to reduce itchiness; and a whole host of other skin rejuvenating ingredients, the Mother of all Creams incorporates all of mother nature’s power into one healing concoction. You don’t want to be using a product that has you worrying about the potential side effects. With Puriya, this is never a concern.

Can you use eczema cream for your face?

As mentioned alluded to previously, the active ingredient in eczema creams purchased over the counter is hydrocortisone. This is a steroid that helps to reduce inflammation. However, you should NOT be using it on your face. Hydrocortisone will damage fragile skin. With facial skin being some of the most sensitive on the body, this damage will not only be evident, it’ll likely be far worse than it would be anywhere else.

If we compare eczema creams bought over the counter, to Puriya’s Mother of all Creams, we find they come up sorely lacking. The Mother of all Creams is an eczema cream for the face, hands, and body. Other eczema cream ingredients are pulled from the laboratory. Puriya pulls them straight from nature, creating the best topical eczema cream for every inch of your skin!

What is the best thing to use for eczema?

Every person is different. Everyone has different skin, allergies, and sensitivity levels. There isn’t necessarily a catch all treatment guaranteed to work for everyone. However, the Mother of all Creams was designed to come as close to that as possible. It is chock full of value for your skin when it comes to nutrition, hydration, reducing inflammation, and erasing the constant itchiness. It also comes with a 180 day money back guarantee, so that you can figure out what’s best for your body and its needs, without worrying about your wallet.

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